About us

Welcome to Law firm “Panova, Georgieva & Co.”

Our law firm offers a complete solution of full range of legal necessities. Our associates are lawyers with qualification, acquired by various international jurisdictions. Their education and experience allows them to provide a high standard of legal advices. On the basis of our experience, we provide a well-defined and practical advice for all the legal matters in a friendly and intelligible manner.

We offer legal advices for Your business via our corporate/commercial department and for You personally via our private customer’s department. We are distinguished for the reason, that we not only know the law, but we realize, that at the end, the most important for our clients, is the result. We work in such a way, that we achieve and justify the expected by You result.

Attorney Panova

Attorney Panova is bachelor in specialty “Sociology” and a master of Laws. She develops her practice in the department, servicing the private clients of “Panova, Georgieva & Co.”.

Panova practices mainly in the field of Family law. She has a clearly expressed focus on the divorce cases and proceedings.

The other main practice of Krasina Panova is in the field of the protection of the rights of victims of traffic accidents and accidents at work.

Panova speaks English.

Attorney Georgieva

Attorney Georgieva is bachelor in Linguistics and master of Laws. She develops her practice in the corporate/commercial department of “Panova, Georgieva & Co.”

Georgieva practices mainly in the field of the commercial and corporate law. She has clearly expressed focus on the financial sector, tax law, investments, etc.

Georgieva speaks English and German.