Corporate / Commercial department

The corporate/commercial department of Law firm “Panova, Georgieva & Co.” is an innovative and dynamic department, providing legal services to local and foreign legal entities. The main focus of the department is related to investments and deals with real estates (as we are focusing on the deals, connected with vesting of building right).We make consultations and assistance for the selection of appropriate objects investments in the country, as well analysis of the most appropriate forms for acquisition of property right or restricted real (property) rights from foreign investors, including through establishing of commercial association or association with special investment purpose.

The department is focusing and offers services in the field of the company law – establishing and registration of all kinds of commercial associations (companies) under the Commercial law with Bulgarian and foreign participation, establishing and registration of public joint-stock companies and joint-stock companies with special investment purpose, transformation, amendments in the capital, management and other changes in the commercial registration of the companies.

Our clients are corporations and financial institutions, incl. local and international public and private companies, varying from enterprising, starting firms to mature national corporations, working in almost all fields and sectors of the services. The wide range of specialized fields and qualifications allow us to consult You individually, duly and thoroughly.

“Panova, Georgieva & Co.” is widely respected because of its ability to structure and coordinate all aspects of the complex deals. Besides, we are experienced to coordinate and refer to other professionals, e.g. accounting, broker’s and investment bank firms, to finish the deals in the most effective and best way.