The family lawyers in Law firm “Panova, Georgieva & Co.” help the clients to resolve complex matters, related to parental rights, adoption, children’s well-being, property matters between the spouses and divorce. Depending on each client’s needs, we offer:

  •  Different marital claims and matters of family legal nature;
  •  Statements of a claim for a divorce by mutual consent and under the general claim procedures;
  •  Legal property claims for ownership after the divorce;
  •  Claims for a larger share of the property acquired during the marriage;
  •  Disputes in relation to granting the exercising of the parental rights;
  •  Setting regime of personal relations between parents and children;
  •  Court decision instead of a parent’s consent – in case of taking a child out of the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  •  Parental rights’ limitation and divestment in the cases the law provides for;
  •  Filing claims for contesting or establishment of an origin;
  •  Complete and partial adoption;
  •  Drafting and preparation of prenuptial agreements, notary certification and registration;
  •  Defense under the Protection against Domestic Violence Act.