Representation before state and courts of arbitration

Our purpose is to develop our clients’ interests. We work in close cooperation with our clients in order to understand their business, to identify the potential fields of exposition, to create strategies for risk management and if necessary to resolve arguments in court proceedings. When a court process is necessary, we use the wide experience in the court room and experience in different fields of law.

The team of the law firm provides procedure representation in arguments from various kinds before court institutions and organs of arbitration in the whole country, as it protects the interests of its clients before courts in the whole country and from all instances. The law firm provides representation also in execution proceedings after the decision of the court in order to finish the whole process for the satisfaction of the monies due to the clients.

Law firm “Panova, Georgieva & Co.” represents its clients before state courts and courts of arbitration. Our legal services in the field of court protection and execution of compulsion consists mainly in:

  • Economical analysis of potential business partners;
  • Collection of receivables;
  • Representation in our-of- court negotiations for the purpose of disputes resolution;
  • Preparation and signing of out-of- court and judicial agreements;
  • Legal representation before state- and arbitration courts;
  • Measures of execution in;
  • Recognition of foreign court resolutions on the basis of Regulation (ЕО) № 44/2001 (Brussels I);
  • Implementation of the European Order for Payment Procedure;