Legal help, consultations, procedure representation, cooperation

The criminal law requires highly developed skills for analysis and evaluation. The practice of law firm “Panova, Georgieva & Co.” in the criminal law includes:

  • Legal consultations and litigation in the area of criminal law;
  •  Assistance and legal defense in cases of arrest by pre-trial proceedings bodies and authorities;
  •  Provision of legal assistance and defense in case of lodged accusation and charges for executed crime;
  •  Assistance and legal defense of persons – victims of a crime – drafting and preparation of claims to be filed with the competent authorities, initiation of civil suits for compensation of suffered property and non-property damages and injuries as a result of the crime;
  •  Litigation and legal defense in case of preventive restraint imposed, provision of an interpreter and legal defense upon execution of investigative actions;
  •  Legal assistance and litigation on criminal cases;
  •  Appeal of penal decisions and decrees through administrative and court actions;
  •  Litigation and legal defense in cases of appeal of penal decisions through court actions;